Adam M. Carmel

Wealth Advisor

Adam is a Wealth Advisor at Avior

Adam M. Carmel has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Brown University, where he played football and rugby, and embraced a broad curriculum that led him to pursue deeper financial knowledge at the University of Chicago Business School (MBA, International Finance, 1977).

Adam’s education was influenced by seminal theories in finance. This academic foundation propelled him into a strategic planning role within the oil and gas industry, navigating the complexities post-1974 OPEC embargo, across global cities from Pittsburgh to London.

Carmel’s trajectory shifted towards trading crude oil in New York’s burgeoning markets, a precursor to his deep dive into the emerging field of personal financial planning. By 1981, he had established a sole practice in New York City, leveraging adult education programs to build a clientele drawn to entrepreneurial thinking.

In 1986, Adam founded Larimer Capital Corporation, marrying his financial acumen with a personal passion for helping clients align their financial strategies with their life goals. His move to Denver was natural, given his marriage to a Nebraska native. Together, they enjoy a life filled with travel, outdoor activities, and a shared love for Golden Retrievers, alongside their two children, three grandchildren, and a vibrant canine family.

Adam’s quest for a firm that mirrors his commitment to comprehensive, client-centered financial planning led him to Avior Wealth. Here, he continues to dedicate himself to devising sophisticated solutions for clients’ financial challenges, driven by a commitment to impactful humanitarian efforts, including supporting Ukraine’s independence, advocating for women’s rights, and rescuing Golden Retrievers.