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Living Your Most Purposeful Retirement Starts at Avior.

Retirement is still the ultimate dream for many Americans – an opportunity to spend time doing things you love, traveling with your family, and even giving back to your community and the causes that matter most to you.

If you’re like many of our first time clients, you may have many retirement questions:

  • Am I going to have enough money to retire?
  • Will I outlive my money?
  • Do I have the right type of investments?
  • Do I have the appropriate amount of risk coming into retirement?
  • When should I start pulling from Social Security?
  • What’s the best distribution strategy that will work for me and my family?
  • What’s the right way to use my employer’s retirement plan contributions?

These Questions Can Be Narrowed Down to One: Am I On Track to Retire? 

We’ll begin by understanding what is truly most important to you in retirement, because the best plans have a clear outcome in mind.

Then, using our Avior Navigator proprietary process as our guiding compass, we’ll build an integrated plan that incorporates all your retirement assets, including:

  • Employer retirement plans
  • Employer rollover accounts
  • Traditional and Roth IRA accounts
  • Social Security benefits
  • Pensions
  • Inheritances
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Your Team.

All of our advisors care deeply about getting to know who you are and what you care about. Because we understand that the things we are helping you care for go far beyond your wealth. Your advisor will be your guide throughout the process, and you’ll also have a whole team of experts behind you. We value working together and collaborating as a team so we can use each advisor’s expertise to get the best results possible. The time, care, and intention we put into our relationships with our clients and building their plans with integrity and excellence are why many of our clients feel we’re more than their advisors… we’re honored to often earn the title of trusted friends and confidantes.

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The Importance of Retirement Planning

The vast majority of people underfund their retirement. In some cases, they’re not able to project into the future and truly understand how much money they will actually need. In other cases, life obligations have steered them away from their focus on preparing for retirement, and they feel like they’re not as retirement-ready as they should be.

The truth for many people is that retirement can be intimidating. It’s common to feel insecure or anxious when approaching the topic. This is completely understandable, which is yet another reason why we do everything we can to make every client feel welcomed and ‘at home’ when working with us.

The importance of retirement planning becomes more and more apparent the closer you get to retirement age. Once you stop receiving a paycheck and begin relying on retirement income, you need to be 100% sure that money will last. 10 years down the line, if your money runs out, there’s no going back and there are no second chances.

You get one shot.

On top of this, there are other factors to consider, such as the rising cost of living, variable interest rates, health care costs dependent in your family, and so on. All of this needs to be taken into consideration well in advance.

Your Avior financial retirement planner can help account for variables and expenses that you might overlook, and we will look for opportunities provide insights that you might not have considered. A discovery call with a member of our team is a great way to take the next step in preparing for a prosperous, enjoyable retirement.

The People at Avior

First and foremost, our team at Avior is made up of compassionate, established professionals who have goals and dreams just like you do. If we needed help planning for our retirement, we would want to be treated with fairness and respect above all else, and we bring that philosophy to every client we help.

Our financial retirement planners at Avior genuinely care about your individual retirement vision and goals. We know that without specific and measurable goals, any retirement plan would be lacking in foundation. Our focus on you as a person sets us apart from other retirement planning service providers.

Our Approach to Planning

The other important distinguishing feature at Avior is our unique approach to retirement planning.

Before we even ask about your assets or how your wealth is currently structured, we begin by getting to know you as a person. We sit down with you to discuss what’s important to your life now, and how that may change before and during retirement your mission, vision, values, and purpose. What’s your vision for things look like in your future? This helps us understand how do we paint a picture of what a successful retirement plan may look like for you.? What is most important in your life now, and how is that likely to change before and during retirement?

We then gather numbers, documents, and other important items from you so that we can create a truly customized plan built on a firm understanding of your current comprehensive financial situation, your needs, and desires. To make sure we are providing the best possible service, we include Certified Financial Planners in our planning department; these are established professionals who have made it their life’s work to help people like you.

Passionate people with specialized skills and expertise paired with a proven approach aligned that hinges on your unique goals—that’s what makes Avior different.

Knowing How Much is Enough

How much any one person will need for retirement is going to vary according to a host of factors.

A successful retirement plan ensures when the amount needs to be enough to cover all of the planned and unplanned expenditures through the remainder of retirement are covered. This is different for everyone, and the primary drivers are expense levels and anticipated length of retirement.

One commonly overlooked aspect of retirement spending is discretionary expenses. Generally speaking, people spend more money in retirement than they think they will, and they tend to be light on contingency planning.

Then there are expenses like taxes and health care costs in retirement, either of which can be significantly detrimental to someone’s financial situation. While most people tend to look at things in a linear fashion, we look at how expenses play out holistically, so our clients can land on their feet years or decades down the line.

When it’s time to dip into retirement savings, factors such as inflation, future income needs, fixed and variable costs, taxes, and investment risk all need to be considered and accounted for. The riskier you are with your investments, the more they will impact the amount of money you will get back and the variability of that money over time.

Avior makes a point of balancing risk in a way that provides adequate wealth protection without missing out on opportunities to grow the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build. When you work with your Avior retirement planning team, we will explain all of this to you in a way that is easy to understand.

Let’s Start Planning Your Retirement

It may seem daunting at first, but often, the most difficult first step in retirement planning is having the initial phone call with a qualified professional.

Avior makes it easy to access proven experts in the field of retirement planning and wealth management.

It all starts with a scheduled call with a member of our team. We will answer your questions, provide you with next steps, and show you just how easy retirement planning can be.

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