The Avior Navigator

When we get clear on what is truly meaningful to you, decisions become clear, strategy becomes streamlined and more effective, and taking action feels easier and more inspired.

The Avior Navigator

Define Your Purpose

Avior is one of the 58 navigational stars. We begin by helping you identify your Avior – the purpose behind your wealth – so that every planning decision we make is intentional, guiding you toward achieving the things that matter most to you and those you love.

Is your wealth meant to create more freedom for your lifestyle so you can pursue other meaningful endeavors? Is it ultimately meant to make an impact on the charitable causes you care about? Perhaps you want to ensure the future success of your children by planning for their education. Or maybe some combination thereof. Whether it’s related to your life, your business, or the lives of those you love, we’ll help you build a plan that keeps the compass on your Avior at all times.

The Avior Navigator

Develop Your Plan

With your Avior in mind, we dive into developing a two-part planning process.

First, we’ll uncover the gaps in your current financial situation, and our team will develop a comprehensive plan that expertly addresses every important aspect of your wealth. Managing your investments is only the beginning. Your advisor will take into account everything that can affect your financial future and will incorporate these items into your plan to help you best preserve what you’re building. This includes tax planning, cash flow & net worth planning, insurance planning, education planning, estate planning, business planning, and more.

Then, we’ll develop your advisory team to see that plan through with excellence and care. Whether we are collaborating with your current CPA and attorneys or recommending the trusted professionals in our network should you need them, we’ll make sure that everyone on your team has everything they need to implement your plan with success.

The Avior Navigator

Navigate Your Path

We are with you every step of the way, helping you stay on track to achieving your goals, keeping you informed of any important changes, and making adjustments to your plan as your hopes and dreams shift throughout the different phases of your life.

We’ll stay in communication with you through regular check-ins and meetings, and we’ll keep track of your plan and make sure everything is being implemented in a timely manner. As you begin to achieve your goals over time, our goal is for you to be so confident in your plan and the people behind it that you are free to focus on living your most purposeful life each day.