Education Planning

Paying for College Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

If you haven’t attended college in a while, the sticker shock can be stunning. How do you plan for the rising costs of education in a way that empowers your child or grandchild to pursue their dream education?

Many of our clients come to us asking, “Am I even going to be able to afford my kids’ college?” The good news is, it may be easier than it may seem. We help you navigate many other questions through Education Planning:

• How much can we afford to pay for college?

• What’s the most tax-efficient way to save for college?

• How much can I afford to contribute while also keeping my retirement plan intact?

• What if my child or grandchild doesn’t want to go to college – how do I help them start a business
or launch a career?

As with all of our services, Avior Wealth Management always comes back to finding your purpose. Do you want to pay the entire amount or would you rather pay only part of the cost so you can instill ownership and responsibility in your child or grandchild for the future? What’s your goal with saving for their future?

We help you know what’s possible by aligning your values with your timeline for your child or grandchild’s future education needs. Our team has the insight and resources to look at any prospective college or university and project future costs to help with cash flow planning. Whatever your plans may be for the future, Avior can show you what’s possible.

Who We Work With for Education Planning

We typically work with parents or grandparents who are preparing for their child or grandchild’s education.

What We Can Work on Together

• Determining total cost of education goals

• Factoring in other educational benefits (grants, scholarships, GI Bill, etc.)

• Access to 529 College Savings Plan

• Education Savings Accounts

• Gifts and transfers to minor’s accounts

Saving for College May be Easier than Ever with Avior Wealth Management

Many investors have preconceived ideas about saving for college, but thanks to the latest investment opportunities, the possibilities are endless. A lot has changed since you were in school – we think you may be amazed at what’s possible. Connect with our team to start dreaming today!

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All of our advisors care deeply about getting to know who you are and what you care about. Because we understand that the things we are helping you care for go far beyond your wealth. Your advisor will be your guide throughout the process, and you’ll also have a whole team of experts behind you. We value working together and collaborating as a team so we can use each advisor’s expertise to get the best results possible. The time, care, and intention we put into our relationships with our clients and building their plans with integrity and excellence are why many of our clients feel we’re more than their advisors… we’re honored to often earn the title of trusted friends and confidantes.

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