John Gerdes

Chief Technology Officer

John serves as the fractional Chief Technology Officer for Avior.

John’s journey in the tech world began in the 80s, fueled by an early fascination with the “luggable” portable computers his dad brought home from the computer shop he co-owned. This childhood passion evolved into a fulfilling career in technology. After completing his education in Florida and immersing himself in the dotcom and computer consulting realm, John returned to his roots in Nebraska with his wife and young growing family.

In 2005, he took a leap of faith to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, establishing his own IT services company dedicated to serving small businesses in Nebraska. John has been with Avior since its founding in 2011. He played a pivotal role in shaping its technological landscape. From the initial setup to ongoing management, support, and security measures, John has been the linchpin of Avior’s technological endeavors, ensuring the firm’s secure and seamless operation.

Beyond the realm of circuits and code, John is driven by a profound passion for empowering businesses to worry less about technology and concentrate on delivering their best work. His dedication extends to fostering a work environment where technological concerns fade into the background, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish.

Outside the confines of his professional role, John finds joy in the company of his wife and four children—three navigating the college landscape and one navigating high school. He also enjoys traveling and occasionally “carving” out some time for some woodworking in his wood shop.