Jonathan Weintraub , CPA

Tax Professional / Director / Owner

Jonathan is a Tax Professional and Director for Avior Tax & Accounting.

Jonathan grew up in Santa Rosa and began his work in the restaurant industry while he put himself through college, studying accounting. He graduated from Sonoma State University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and moved on to pursue his Masters in Taxation at Golden Gate University. He took a break to join the California Army National Guard. Once Jonathan transitioned to being an officer in the National Guard, he shifted his focus to his accounting career.

Since 2013, he has been helping local high-net-worth individuals plan and prepare their individual and business tax returns. He has helped his clients with flow-through organizations such as partnerships and S-Corporations, as well as the occasional corporation. Most of these companies are operational in multiple states, some operating in every state, requiring a large emphasis on research.

Jonathan has always wanted to give back to the community he loved but didn’t know how, so he joined the California Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer. He had hoped to achieve a fulfillment of duty to the community which supported him through grade school and college. After a few years, Jonathan utilized his Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting, to go through Officer Candidates School. This allowed him to join the 49th Military Police Brigade in Fairfield as intelligence support to the commander. As of 2017, Jonathan has served as the liaison between the Emergency Operation Center in Sonoma County and the 49th Military Police Brigade units available to assist in the Sonoma County fire and rescue efforts.

He and his wife have two beautiful kids and co-own and manage an equestrian boarding facility that assists with horse rescue in Santa Rosa.