Larry Ennenga , CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Larry is a Wealth Advisor for Avior Wealth Management.

Larry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an associate’s degree in electronic technology.

Larry was born and raised near Sacramento, California. His initial career path with the U.S. Navy launched him into the field of electronic technology. Becoming well-trained and well-travelled, these experiences prepared him to consciously embrace people of many and varied backgrounds and cultures. Larry’s early career in the military and afterward with technology companies taught him the extent to which people’s circumstances and beliefs impact everything they do.

Life’s path is seldom a straight line, or one that always follows an exact plan. Larry began investing at the age of 22, learning how to apply the principles needed to move toward his own financial independence. Helping others move forward professionally often meant helping them understand how to see the long-term impact of their company benefit programs and their personal budgets. Over time, it became clear he had developed a passion for helping people make financial decisions that would change the trajectory of their lives. He realized the great extent to which technology could help facilitate that process.

He has invested over 25 years serving his clients by helping them improve their lives through professional long-term relationships based on trust, using financial planning and investment management tools to guide the way. This type of vision and clarity help make long-term goals real and tangible. Being there along the way for clients has been the most rewarding aspect of his career.

Larry and his wife, Libby, married in 1983 and make their home in Franklin, TN. They enjoy spending time together at home and in the community. Larry enjoys being outdoors, working in the yard and being on a bicycle.