Scott Cavey , CFP®, AIF®

President of Wealth

Scott is the President of Wealth for Avior.

With over two decades of experience advising clients, Scott understands the gravity and importance of the client-advisor relationship. He believes pro-active and open communication is vital. Helping his clients think through and verbalize what their true purpose and goals are is not only enjoyable, but allows Scott and his team to develop financial plans that are useful and successful.

Scott has clients of all types around the country, and a significant percentage happen to own a business. Scott’s life and business ownership experience puts him in a unique position to be able to advise his clients on a peer level. He enjoys helping his clients bring their business and personal financial planning into alignment. His clients appreciate the process, access, and accountability.

“We all work hard, and it is important to keep at the forefront why we are doing the things that we do daily”

While Scott is a Dallas, Texas native, he grew up in Omaha. After attending Creighton Prep High School, he went on to the University of Notre Dame and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Throughout, Scott had a successful baseball career and jokes that if he were left-handed, he would have retired by the age of 25.

Scott is always proud of his three daughters, twins Meghan and Leah, their younger sister Brooke, and thankful for his supportive wife, Kelli. Family, faith, friends, and helping others are what is most important to him. He tries to find time to lower his golf handicap and travel periodically as well.