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9 Apr

Avior Wealth Management Featured in Citywire

Avior’s CEO Britt Campbell talked to Citywire about what’s next for growth and our decision to take on a minority non-voting investor.

Key takeaways:

Avior was featured in Citywire regarding capital raise plans.
The independent company is going after a non-voting investor for additional expertise.
Avior has grown from $120 in million assets to $4.1 billion since 2011.

Avior Wealth Management has some exciting news to share. 

Our firm was featured in Citywire: Exclusive: $4.1bn Avior Wealth Management Pursuing Capital Raise. The feature comes after Avior announced that it would be going after a minority stake sale, working with Park Sutton Advisors as its investment banker. 

As quoted in Citywire, Park Sutton Managing Director John Eubanks said, “Avior has grown significantly over the last four to five years. They’ve made over a dozen acquisitions themselves, recognizing the need to continue growing the firm, scale, and remain competitive. They decided to raise capital to continue on their inorganic growth strategy.”

Avior Wealth Management has 46 individual owners – its employees, who largely own the company. The independent organization was started by CEO Britt Campbell after he left Wells Fargo and merged with advisors Kent Nelson and Dutch Van Denburg, formerly with Merrill Lynch, in 2011. Together, they started the registered investment advisor Avior with $120 million in assets.

Today, Avior has $4.1 billion in assets and has offices in nine states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. In addition, in North Carolina and Minnesota, Avior has tax and accounting offices, and in Texas, a retirement plan management business.

Avior plans to bring in a non-voting investor for additional expertise while maintaining independent operations and a positive work culture.

Campbell told Citywire: “It was important that somebody not only just wrote a check, but also [that] they had some resources to scale this organization into an enterprise state.”

Campbell also indicated that “we’ve got $6 billion in the pipeline on the way, and we’ve built out a national footprint,” so there is much more promising news to come.

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