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Wealth Management in Jacksonville, FL

At Avior, we don’t just manage your money. We build complete financial plans that align your investments with your true intentions, allowing you and your family to live your most purposeful lives. With exceptional care and crystal-clear intentions, our wealth professionals help streamline complex financial situations while connecting your investments to your long-term goals. By clearly defining the true reasons for our clients’ wealth, we’re able to construct personalized plans that help Florida residents reach their highest goals for themselves and their loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Our wealth managers get to know your long-term goals before using Avior's proprietary Navigator process to design a personalized plan that leverages all of your retirement assets.

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Investment Management

Avior knows how to control risk, grow your wealth, and give your investments a purpose that matches up with the life you want to live.

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Tax Planning Strategies

Our knowledgeable team helps business owners and individuals enhance their tax efficiencies so they can maximize the purpose of their wealth.

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Insurance Planning

Our knowledgeable team helps business owners and individuals enhance their tax efficiencies so they can maximize the purpose of their wealth.

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Cash Flow Planning

Avior Wealth Management helps individuals, families and business leaders improve their financial momentum by showing them how to lower debt and invest in their futures at the same time.

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Estate Planning

We help ensure that your wishes, dreams and values remain intact with carefully navigated estate planning from our wealth management professionals.

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Education Planning

Avior has the insight and resources to analyze any prospective college or university and deliver the best possible cash flow planning based on your individual needs and goals.

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Business Owner Planning

With a century of collective experience, our fiduciary advisors help Nebraska business owners gain and maintain optimal value for the future and beyond.

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Meet The Avior Team

in Wealth Management // Jacksonville Beach, FL

Don Stanley, CRPC®

Don is a Wealth Advisor for Avior Wealth Management and a Wealth Advisor for Corpus Capital, a d/b/a of Avior Wealth Management.

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Individualized Financial Planning in Jacksonville, FL

Conceiving and crafting every financial plan with care, Avior’s wealth professionals design customized financial plans based on the specified goals and unique needs of our clients. We achieve this by learning the purposes behind their wealth. Empowered by this insight, we design comprehensive financial strategies based on each individual’s unique long-term ambitions. By giving your wealth more purpose, we can help you prepare for the future while supporting the people you love. You won’t find a more diligent, more thoughtful collection of fiduciary advisors in Jacksonville, FL.

Working with clients at every stage of life, Avior offers a broad spectrum of wealth management services.

Wealth Management // Jacksonville Beach, FL


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