Eric Hamilton

Chief Compliance Officer / Owner

Eric is the Chief Compliance Officer for Avior Wealth Management.

Eric brings a wealth of expertise and a dedication to ensuring the highest standards of regulatory adherence. His journey in the financial industry began with a solid foundation, earning a BSBA in Economics and Finance from Creighton University in 1995, followed by a law degree from the Creighton University School of Law in 1998.

With over two decades of experience, Eric’s career has been marked by significant contributions to notable organizations such as Ameritrade, First National Capital Markets, and First National Wealth Management. He’s also honed his skills in a law firm specializing in due diligence on private equity offerings.

In 2011, Eric transitioned to a role at an accounting firm, providing compliance consulting to third-party financial firms. His legal expertise is recognized and acknowledged in both Iowa and Nebraska, where he holds active licenses.

What drives Eric’s passion for compliance is the opportunity it provides to support the Avior team. Serving as a dedicated resource for compliance matters, he contributes to the seamless operation of our team. The insights Eric provides not only ensure regulatory compliance but also empower our team to elevate the client experience.

Beyond the boardroom, Eric’s life is enriched by his wonderful family. He and his wife, Andrea “Dra” Hamilton, share the joy of raising five boys—Blake, Cody, Jacob, Bryce, and Peyton—ages ranging from 24 to 15. When he’s not immersed in the world of compliance or attending family events, Andrea and Eric find joy in activities like golf, travel, and attending concerts.