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Considering professional tax or accounting guidance in Clemmons, North Carolina? Avior Tax has you covered. Connect with our team today to speak with a dedicated tax and accounting specialist.

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Personalized Tax & Accounting in Clemmons, NC

With our expert advice, residents in North Carolina can streamline their financial strategies, minimize tax exposure, and make decisions that harmonize with their personal and professional dreams. Our broad range of services serves as a financial compass, enabling clients to move forward with assurance, make well-informed choices, and foster financial resilience for lasting success.

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax professionals are your dedicated partners, offering personalized solutions to optimize tax returns, navigate intricate tax laws, and plan for a secure financial future.

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Small Business Services

Our multifaceted approach ensures accurate financial records, strategic growth planning, and robust support across various financial aspects, fostering success and resilience for businesses.

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Additional Services

We believe in providing tailored solutions to reach your financial goals, providing insights and experience that guide you toward better business decisions.

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Meet The Avior Team

in Tax & Accounting // Clemmons, NC

Amy S. Gardner, CPA, CGMA®, NC License #24740

Amy is a Tax Professional and Principal Manager for Avior Tax & Accounting.

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Chris Boothe, CPA, VA License #51484, NC License #45609

Chris is a Tax Professional and Manager for Avior Tax & Accounting.

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Michelle Peschieri

Michelle is a Tax Professional and Senior Manager for Avior Tax & Accounting.

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Nick Gitter

Nick is a Senior Tax Professional for Avior Tax & Accounting.

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Teresa B. Lindsay, CPA, CGMA®, NC License #22560

Teresa is a Tax Professional and Principal Manager for Avior Tax & Accounting.

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Tailored Tax Solutions in Clemmons, NC

Avior's tax professionals serve as committed partners, providing personalized solutions for optimized tax returns and strategic financial planning. Our comprehensive small business services guarantee accuracy in financial records, growth planning, and robust support, fostering success and resilience. In addition to these, our diverse range of services offers tailored solutions, providing valuable insights for informed business decisions. All these services align seamlessly with Avior's identity of planning with intention and living with purpose, guiding you towards your financial goals with precision and purposeful direction.

Tax & Accounting // Clemmons, NC


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