Kent Kuhlmann

Wealth Advisor

Kent is a Wealth Advisor with Avior Wealth Management.

Kent was born in Minnesota to older parents who lived through the Great Depression.

He is a seasoned financial advisor with a rich background shaped by early lessons in financial conservatism from his stockbroker father in Mountain View, California.

A San Diego State University alumnus, Kent began his career in financial services in 1982, transitioning through various roles including Director of International Marketing and Sales in Silicon Valley, before reentering financial services with Thrivent Financial in 1993.

As an Independent Financial Advisor with LPL Financial, he co-founded Retirement Capital Strategies, later moving to Napa to purchase and lead a practice that evolved into Kuhlmann Associates Financial. In 2016, he joined Carson Group as a partner, culminating in his current role at Avior Wealth Management.

Kent’s personal experiences, including business ownership, family care, and navigating life’s challenges, enrich his client relationships with understanding and compassion.

Active in his community, he has engaged in leadership roles with several Napa Valley organizations and enjoys a life filled with outdoor activities, travel, and culinary pursuits alongside his wife Jennifer, their son Bodhi, two stepdaughters, and a lively household of pets.

Kent, a former athlete and private pilot, dreams of founding a private foundation focused on holistic healing arts and alternative medicine. He and his family are avid campers and enjoy the outdoors. Kent has traveled through much of the world and enjoys great food and wine.